Campaign giving away cellphones in promotion


BMOBILE is now offering two RED-X Poro phones for the price of one for only K89 as part of its Mayhem Promotions.
Bmobile’s mayhem campaign has entered its fourth and final week. The campaign has seen bmobile unveil four different promotions in May (one per week).
A company statement said: “With the first three mayhem promotions offering 10 times the data on certain existing products, this fourth promotion sees bmobile switch gears to offer what it describes as PNG’s best mobile phone offer.
The RED-X Poro is a 3G feature phone with a difference – its runs on a stable Android platform and is optimised for Facebook and Whatsapp.
The device also features dedicated “fastkeys” for faster upload of Facebook and Whatsapp.
“This promotion offers an incredibly affordable option to anyone who wants to be connected. And because it is a 2-for-1 offer, you get two devices, one of which you can present to someone else.
“This is great because it allows family members or friends to keep in touch with each other.
“And if you already own a mobile phone, the Poro makes a great backup device should anything happen to your primary phone.
“Many of our older customers have also expressed a preference for mobile devices with tactile keyboards – something which the Poro has. For these reasons, we believe this 2-for-1 promo will serve the needs of a great many customers.
“Bmobile’s 2-for-1 ‘MAYHEM!’ promotion runs nationwide from today to May 31, or until stocks run out.”