Campaign starts hopeful

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ACTING Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai is hopeful campaigning for the Moresby North- West by-election can start tomorrow after a month’s delay due to a spike in Covid-19 cases.
Sinai was planning on drawing candidates’ ballot box numbers when campaigning started but all that now depends on orders from the Covid-19 controller’s office.
“We are now formalising our new normal operation plan and order for the 42 candidates,” Sinai said.
“As soon as this is in place, order of the draw could be done on Thursday. And that will also kick-start the campaign.”
Sinai said earlier that drawing of the candidates’ box numbers had been scheduled for March 18.
That was deferred to last Thursday (April 1) and then tomorrow.
The by-election schedule has also been affected by the Covid-19 disruptions.
Polling has been moved to start on May 29 from May 15 and end on June 12 (from May 29).
Writs are to be returned June 24 instead of June 10.