Campaign teaches rights

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The National, Monday November 11th, 2013

 AS part of its 20 days of activism programme, World Vision PNG commenced a three-day child rights education and awareness campaign in Port Moresby last Monday.

The child rights awareness campaign targets school children and is being conducted at specific target sites and communities where World Vision works in. 

Project staff from the organisation’s education and health sector jointly conducted the awareness to educate the school children on their rights, as well as their responsibilities.

“You have the right to go to school and be educated. Your responsibility is to study and do your homework,” child rights officer Albert Babu told Peter Torot Elementary School children at 8-Mile.

“You have the right to go the hospital when you are sick. And it is your responsibility to take your medicine, complete your treatment and get well,” Albert said.

TB directly observed treatment (DOTS) staff spoke to the children about TB, what caused it and how it could be prevented while other health staff conducted awareness on HIV/AIDS and the importance of immunisation and being protected from illness.

“As school children, you are bound to pick up used razor-blades to sharpen your blunt pencils or trim your nails,” Biangke Gibilen, World Vision’s nurse counsellor with the positive living project, said.

“You must not do this because the razor may have been used by an adult who is infected with HIV/AIDS.

“So the disease may be passed onto you if you cut yourself with an infected blade.

“You must be aware of other sharp used objects like needles and pins and not pick them up to prevent yourself from infection and disease.”

TB DOTS officer Nerrie Eremas encouraged the children to always eat properly in the mornings and come to school. 

“Anyone can get TB when he or she breathes in the bacteria that cause TB when someone who has TB coughs or spits into the air,” Nerrie said. 

The 20 days of activism are lead-up activities to the main event and fun day at Ela Beach on Nov 16 to advocate that children be cared for, are protected and are participating in decisions that affect their lives.