Can treasurer Pruaitch clarify funds misused?


AS a local tribal leader and former war lord, I am very concerned about the outburst from the former Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch about the misuse of K500 million which he mentioned Sam Basil allegedly misuse.
Can you Patrick Pruaitch come clear on that issue?
We the people of Bulolo district are deeply concerned because Sam Basil is our mandated leader and such critics is destroying his name and leadership quality especially in this election period.
You did criticise the prime minister in recent weeks and now you did the same for both the leader and the Deputy Opposition Leader.
Please put out the facts and evidence of what you are putting out in the media so if it’s true we the people of Bulolo District will vote out Sam Basil because we don’t want our mandated leader to make foul play in National Politics.

Patrick Bendumb

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