Cancel 2012 general election

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WHAT is the point of having a general election when our security is at stake?
Are our police and de­fence force properly equip­ped and funded to handle the general election?
There are serious problems that must be address­ed by the government.
Chief among them is the build-up of weapons around the country.
There is no doubt lives will be lost, properties destroyed and people will not be able to vote in freedom because there will be so much fear and intimidation.
Is this what we really want?
Last week, our dailies reported a military-style tribal fight in Laiagam, Enga, and in Kagua, Southern Highlands.
This is very frightening because it was reported that high-powered weapons and even a hand grenade was used.
We need more awareness on weapons control and disposal.
We need to have a secure and safe environment first before we go to the polls.
Otherwise, disaster is waiting for us.