Cancer unit upgraded

Lae News, Normal


A NEW Brachytherapy unit will soon be completed to assist the current cancer treatment centre at Angau Memorial General Hospital.
The building is funded at a cost of K700,000 from the Department of Health under the national cancer treatment service project.
The new ward will be used for patients with other types of cancers but mainly cervical cancer patients.
Dr Manna Ario, registrar oncologist, explained that Brachytherapy was a form of radiation therapy which is done internally by placing radioactive material directly into or near the cancer tumour.
He said this allowed more radiation to be given safely resulting in a much shorter and more convenient course of treatment.
Currently the treatment centre is giving external treatment using the cobalt machine to two to three patients daily.
However, Dr Ario said Brachytherapy could also be given in conjunction with external radiation treatment.
The National Cancer Treatment Centre is the country’s only unit specialised in radiation treatment and as one specialist radiation oncologist and one registrar oncologist and supporting staff.
The unit is currently being constructed by Hornibrook and is expected to be completed early next year.