Candidate against city commission proposal

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013


VOICE of Morobe executive and  election candidate for the Lae lord mayor seat Tissh Gozu Yaneng is against the city commission proposal by incumbent James Khay.  

Yaneng said in a statement granting city commission status could further marginalise settlers and people from nine of the province’s districts.

He said little was being provided to improve the lives of Morobeans and that had triggered frustration into recent unrests in city settlements.

“Morobeans realise, respect, pride and reflect themselves from Lae city as their identity and provincial capital. Allowing commission status will marginalise us and further push indigenous people back into the mountains of Menyamya, Pindiu, Wantoat, Garaina and Kabwum,” Yaneng said.

He said the provincial government had neglected Morobeans by failing to encourage them to become involved in business activities in their city.

“If the commission status becomes a reality, outsiders with money will run the show in the heart of Morobe and that is not on,” he said. 

“We do not want outsiders to make political decisions over major developments happening in Lae.”