Candidate for PM must have certain qualities

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 27th, 2012

OVER the last few months, our country has encountered turbulence on the political front.
As we move forward, people are optimistic that we will have a sound and stable leadership to take us forward.
The people  have spoken through the ballotbox and the time has come for our MPs to decide who will become prime minister.
Our MPs will make many decisions during their tenure in parliament, but this decision will be the single most important one.
MPs must see themselves like board members of a large corporate firm and they are about to choose a new CEO.
As a nation, we are entering into a time of great promise and it is vital that we choose a government and, more importantly, a prime minister that has the right leadership qualities.
While every MP has been chosen to be a representative of the people, not all of them are leaders.
One may have the experience, charisma, educational qualities, etc, but without sound and good leadership, they should not be allowed to take the helm.
To help our good MPs make the right choice, they should look for some important qualities in a leader.
MPs must choose a leader who exercises good judgment and has a broad view in relation to our nation as a whole.
A good leader will deliver services to all his constituents, knowing that everyone has exercised his/her democratic right to vote.
MPs must also choose a leader who can communicate well, has empathy and is able to listen to his team members as well as understand the difference between what is said and what is meant.
It is important for a prime minister to communicate effectively with his team before making a decision or communicating a message to the people, instead of making impulsive statements off-the-cuff.
It is also very important that MPs choose a leader who is emotionally mature.
Such leaders understand that not only is it impossible to know everything and that they do not need to be the smartest person in the room, but is able to put his ego aside and focus on creating a well-rounded team that will excel in any situation.
Emotional maturity is rather im­portant as it prevents a leader from doing something that would tarnish the office he holds.
There are many other attributes of a good leader, which MPs should consider as they contemplate who they will vote for as the next prime minister.
MPs, please do not be lured by the promise of money or a portfolio.
Your decision must be based on the promise of change you made to your people.
People want change, roads, bridges, aid posts, classrooms, better education, better health care and a lot more.
Over to you now.

Port Moresby