Candidate: Probe root cause of crime

National, Normal

The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013

 A CANDIDATE contesting the local level government elections in Ward 5 in the Ahi LLG, Morobe, says while the Government has introduced the death penalty, it should also look at why many young people are turning to crime.

Bumayong youth leader Willie Mayang has been trying to bring calm and peace during the ethnic clashes of 2011.

Mayang said while governments and leaders have continually spoken about the need to look at bettering the fortunes of young people in the country, nothing much had been done and growing lawlessness was the result.  

He said the number of young people in PNG was growing with many unable to find jobs and the Government seemingly uncaring. 

“There are many of us who are intelligent and who have skills but the doors we knock on always close on us,” he said.

“We are pressured too when we can’t bring food and basic necessities home to our families and when this happens we feel there is nowhere else to turn to but to alcohol and petty crime,” Mayang said. 

The youth leader said many who were turning to crime were from broken families where the parents had separated or one or both parents had died leaving the children to fend for themselves.

“If we are not careful this will be  a major problem that’s why I feel compelled to run for this election. 

“I feel there is not enough done and want to make a difference,” he said.   

“The Government’s move for the death penalty is good but it should also address underlying reasons why some people turn bad,” Mayang said.

He is urging all other LLG election contestants in Morobe and Lae to seriously consider the welfare of young people a priority if they win their seats.