Candidates back former minister for police

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 FORMER Madang MP and police minister Nixon  Duban is gathering support for the 2013 Madang Open by-election.

So far, 11 candidates, who contested the Madang Open in last year’s general election, have thrown their support behind Duban and said they would stand down because they trusted and believed in his leadership and as he done much in his nine months in office.

“What else are we looking for when Nixon has proven to us that he can deliver the much needed services?” Moris Barne said.

“There is no need for us to compete with him but work together for the betterment of our people in Madang district.”

Barne, a candidate in the last general election, made this announcement in the presence of others and thousands of people who gathered for a rally at Bau village on Wednesday.

Clant Alok, a candidate from last year’s election for the same seat, said he respected Duban for the good work he had done.

“I decided not to challenge him in this by-election and instead work with him to improve service delivery,” he said.

On Sunday, Igorir Sorum, another national election candidate, pledged his support for Duban to win back the seat he lost in the successful court challenge by Bryon Krammer.

Duban, addressing the people in Bau, cleared the air on rumours if he won again he would be taken to court.