Candidates: PNGEC disorganised

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The National, Wednesday July 4th, 2012

TWO candidates have accused the Electoral Commission of conducting a disorganised general election.
Hagen open candidate Simon Sanagke said it would turn out to be a “failed election” because of the confusion and errors on the common roll.
Sanagke said the people wanted a fair, free and safe election so that good people could be elected into parliament.
He said it was the direct opposite when hundreds were turned away from polling stations because their names were missing from the rolls.
He said in his Kogmul council ward in the Hagen open electorate, Western Highlands, more than 3,000 eligible voters could not vote.
Sanagke said the total number of ballot papers sent to the ward was only 1,200.
He said they were supposed to vote on Monday but, with the mistake on the common roll, people were frustrated and polling was deferred to yesterday.
“Is this the 2007 or 2012 common roll that we are using? Names have been omitted and people do not have any chance of voting in the election,” Sanagke said.
Western Highlands regional candidate Bryan Kindilawi said the government should protect the rights of the people by allowing them to vote.
“Names are omitted and people’s rights have been deprived by the Electoral Commission,” Kindilawi said.