Candidates’ supporters warned to respect proceedings


A NATIONAL Court judge has urged supporters of candidates who contested the general elections to respect the court processes to resolve disputed returns.
Justice Collin Makail said there were laws in place to protect everyone.
“Someone who is aggrieved by the election results has filed a petition against the results. So the law is there to resolve these,” Makail said.
He said everyone should allow witnesses to give evidence freely and let the court to resolve the disputes.
Makail said this when refusing to transfer the sitting for the Chimbu seat challenging the declaration of Governor Michael Dua to the Goroka National Court in Eastern Highlands.
The petition was filed by former governor Noah Kool based on allegations of errors and omissions during counting and the scrutiny process.
Kool’s lawyer had asked the court to have the petition heard at the Goroko National Court because of the safety and security of witnesses.
Makail said there were court facilities in Kundiawa which the court should use and that accessibility of witnesses was also a concern. The petition will return on Feb 5 for the parties to confirm the listing.