Candidates told not to mislead voters

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 6th June 2013

 CANDIDATES intending to contest the Anglimp local level government president’s seat in Jiwaka have been warned not to mislead voters, said Anglimp president Koip Wamil. 

   He was responding to comments by candidate Jeffery Kuri in The National last week that LLG presidents were using the K500,000 allocated to each LLG by the Government to conduct their campaigns.

He said Kuri was misinformed because the LLGs had not received the funds.

“The national Government has promised to give this money to each LLG and Anglimp is one of them,” Wamil said.

But Anglimp has never received any money from the Government, he said.

“Does Kuri have any information about the money that he is talking about? “I do not know if other LLGs have received the K500,000 as promised by the Government.”

“Does anyone know if we are using this money for campaigning?” he said. 

Wamil said the other concern raised by Kuri opposing the idea of council managers becoming returning officers was wrong.

“Council managers are gazetted and they have a right to run the election,” Wamil said.

“These are very serious allegations raised against me, my staff and my office as the legitimate president of Anglimp LLG.”

He said Anglimp LLG council manager Joseph Mongro had a good reputation and had the expe­rience to run elections.