Candidates unite to fight Zurenuoc

Lae News, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

THIRTY unsuccessful candidates for the Finschhafen electorate are questioning the legitimacy of the re-election of Theo Zurenuoc and have come together to prepare a case to take to the Court of Disputed Returns.
Former top police officer Giossi Labi and another candidate, Robert Williong, said yesterday the outcome of the election for Finschaffen was suspicious as it was surprising to see people vote in someone who had not brought in tangible developments or services to the area for the past four years.
Infrastructure such as bridges and roads had deteriorated and plans for rural electrification have not progressed
Labi said he had gather­ed young men from his village to fix the Buta Bridge which only took four hours whereas, he claimed, Zurenuoc had spent K60,000 engaging construction companies to maintain that bridge.
However, at Zurenuoc has hit back at the claims, saying that not any one project could be completed in a short space of time as money and the necessary infrastructure was needed to get the job done.
“Only someone who has been on the ground to oversee a project can understand the difficulties of achieving the objectives set and I have done the best that I could do.
“Sometimes the bureaucratic system that we have to follow slows the process but there are funds in the district account and at such time where I can follow through on the projects in my district, I will continue the work.”
Labi said the group felt the people deserved a satisfactory outcome to the elections.
“We are on the verge of filing a case to the Court of Disputed Returns to call for a by-election.”
Williong reiterated the need for a free, fair and safe election where people could exercise their democratic rights.
Zurenuoc said: “They are only exercising their right to take their grievances to court but until proven guilty, I know I haven’t done anything wrong.”