Canoe crews chase points

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The National, Thursday 28th March 2013


CANOE racing along the Aroma Coast comes alive on Easter Monday when the Keleone Canoe Racing Syndicate stages it second race of the year.

And out to defend its win from the first race will be Pelagai village canoe New Ganilegi. 

However, out to prove that it is still the best canoe will be Constable from the neighbouring Maopa village.

In the first race, Constable won with New Ganilegi second. 

However Constable was disqualified on technical grounds for breaching competition rules and conditions and the race was awarded to New Ganilegi.

Constable will now be out to make amends and prove that the last race had been put to rest.

Other canoes include Leugai from Vuru village that will be there to improve on their last performance and to gain points.

Points will be awarded to the top 20 canoes to cross the finish line in order of their completion with the first across getting 20 points.