Canoe race champ praises sponsor

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The National –Wednesday, January 5, 2011

 THE Keleone Aroma Development Group of Companies has been praised for its efforts in hosting the 2010-11 canoe and fishing competitions in their village.

Leka Vanua, who is the current champion of both the canoe and fishing race, praised the company for giving back to the community by hosting the race.

He said it cost the villagers a bunch of banana and coconut to walk away with a huge K1,000 prize money and consolation cash prizes to other participants.

“I thank the KADG for coming up with this initiative which has helped us a lot and now we can have some money to spend for the New Year,” Vanua said. 

Those who attended the event on New Year’s Eve made similar sentiments, saying the company had done really well for the last five years.

It had also taught them something in life to work on the land and the sea to make ends meet.

“It is a challenge for those of us who are not working and are in the village. We thank the KADG for the support. Not only the support but for showing us something in life,” one of the villagers said.

Every year, the sponsorship package increases and this year, the company is anticipating on a better year.