Capability key to education reform


IMPLEMENTATION of the one-six-six education structure and scrapping of national examinations are to start next year and enforced province by province, depending on capability, Education Minister Nick Kuman says.
Kuman said the reform would reach at province depending on their ability to cope and could take up to five years. “Scrapping of grade 8 and 10 examinations is a reform that has been approved by the government and we will start to implement that from next year,” he said.
“Now, it’s not automatic that it will be implemented next year for both grade 8 and grade 10, it all boils down to the capacity so the implementation will take time, over years, it might take five years, it might take 10 years. Enga, we started two years ago,” Kuman said
“Enga has got now all the grade 8s progress to grade 9.
“Enga said that it was ready to go, so we granted them the authority to accept grade 8 to progress to grade 9.”
Kuman said that the one-six-six structure would have grades 7 and 8 in high school and grades 1-6 at the primary level.