Capacity building training for community leaders

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FIVE leaders from the Yanta and Hegambu landowner clans of the Wafi-Golpu project in Madang province have become the first to undertake training for capacity building.
This training was conducted by Morobe Mining Joint Venture’s (MMJV) training section and was a priority for MMJV to ensure that the people were empowered to improve their communities.
One of the topics covered was problem solving and decision making.
MMJV hoped that with this programme, its participants could be equipped to be better leaders in their respective organisations.
Those who attended were Giwa Jerry, Steven Giame, Livai Bing, Anonga Yakising and David Philip.
The participants said the training had given them greater knowledge to help them deal with landowner and community issues.Mr Philip, who is chairman of Golpu Holdings, said the training had increased his knowledge to perform his duties as a leader effectively.
He said the training had also empowered him with skills to negotiate better with MMJV and other stakeholders in the Wafi project.Training coordinator Martha Tade said it was vital that these leaders undertake this training because their decisions must benefit everyone.She also said leaders needed to do some action planning so that their set goals can be achieved.