Capital’s rubbish piling up

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013

 I COMMEND the NCD governor on the betel nuts ban in the city, but it is appalling that domestic rubbish collection has not been consistent. Rubbish in places such as Hanuabada and 9-Mile have not been collected in the past two months. Who has been contracted to do waste management and what is going on? Is it true his staff go without pay for weeks and his sub-contractors have not been paid in the past four months? Work is not flowing. Is it true the contractor was paid a three-month advance by NCDC last month? It appears the sub-contractors have been released to gain a monopoly of rubbish collection. Governor, some of us depend on collecting rubbish to make a living. You do not need a university degree to do the job, just good management. Please, let us  forget politics. Audit this company and let NCDC Waste Management run their business.


Garbage man

Port Moresby