Capital basketball raises K45,000

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CAPITAL Basketball League, during a corporate dinner last Friday, cashed in more than K45,000 to erect a new perimetre fence and improve infrastructure to the renowned Hohola courts in its endeavour to promote and transpose basketball in Port Moresby. 
The Hohola basketball court, which has produced many basketball talents, has been in a state of disrepair for many years and is now poised for a major makeover.
The aim of the fundraiser, which will be the first of many, was raise to funds to help create a better facility to accommodate the rising number of players and spectators to the courts every weekend.
CBL also plans to add another court to support the existing two.
According to CBL treasurer, Alexander Auga, sales of corporate tables was K51,100 and total pledges was K20,200.
“From these the profit of K46,700 was raised from the dinner at the Grand Palace restaurant,” Auga said.
He said, the top five sponsors were Finance Minister Patrick Pruaitch (K10,000), Brian Bell (K2,500), Isabella Holdings (K2,000) and  Mineral Resource Capital Ltd, Oil Search Ltd pledged a grand each.
President Moses Koiri expressed thanks to all the corporate and individual sponsors which ensured the success of the fundraiser.
“The event would not have been possible without all that support we received from every single one of you,” he said.
“The vision of CBL is to promote the game and take it to another level, and we believe improving facilities to make it more conducive for players and spectators is a good start,” he said. 
Capital Basketball League comes under the Papua New Guinea Basketball Federation.
The president urged all sponsors to witness the finals at the end of November and also the awards ceremony afterwards.