Capital celebrates yoga day

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THE International Day of Yoga was successfully hosted yesterday in the National Capital District by the Indian High Commission and Governor Powes Parkop.
Men, women, youths and children from all walks of life participated in the event which was the third International Day of Yoga held in the country.
United Nations resident coordinator Roy Trivedy said the United Nations General Assembly recognised yoga to be practised globally because of its importance in health and wellbeing of people.
“Yoga is an integrated system of education and discipline for the body, mind and inner spirit,” Trivedy said.
“It was originally practised in India thousands of years ago and was based on the principle of non-violence.”
Trivedy urged the people to continue to practise yoga and keep bringing the benefits of yoga to the communities.
He thanked the Indian High Commission and the “champion of yoga”, Parkop, for organising the event.
The International Day of Yoga is celebrated globally on June 21.
The UN General Assembly accepted yoga in Dec 2014 as a holistic approach to address many problems people faced in the world.
In PNG, the event was celebrated for the first time in 2015.
Organising committee  chairman Mohan Singh said 177 countries out of the 193 countries in the world approved June 21 to be dedicated to yoga as June 21 was the longest day in the northern hemisphere.

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