Car dealers slam claims to ban importing of used vehicles

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USED car dealers in the country and from overseas have urged police to rethink its plans to stop people buying cars through the internet.
James Hanna, dealer of Nichibocars, made this call after officer in charge of NCD traffic police, Snr Insp Michael Kanguma, said that city authorities should ban the import of used cars because they were adding to traffic congestion and were contributing to the increased number of road accidents.
Hanna said Kanguma’s suggestion to ban the import of used cars was “childish” and was “coming from the wrong angle”.
“To stop the import of good quality used vehicles will hinder the growth of the PNG economy.
“Many small businesses rely on importing used vehicles from Japan since they cannot afford good quality used commercial vehicles in PNG,” he said.
He said the government was getting huge tax from imported vehicles and also makes more revenue through fuel purchase when the owners of used vehicles buy fuel.
Hanna said this money should be spent by the government to expand existing roads in the city so that cars can move around freely and make the work of police easier.
He also said cars from Japan were “not reconditioned” but were new cars used for a few years and then sold to overseas buyers. 
A taxi owner from Western Highlands residing in NCD, Peter Tee, has also voiced his concern saying the proposed ban on the import of used cars will put many taxi operators and hire car owners out of business.
 “To buy a new car in PNG is too expensive. Therefore, buying cars through the internet is an alternative for the simple people who are dreaming of owning a car.”