Car thieves shot

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A CAR thief was shot dead and another was wounded when an attempted car robbery turned nasty on Saturday night in the nations capital.
According to relatives of the deceased, the incident occurred when the deceased and his accomplices were getting away in a stolen car when police intervened and gave chase.
The incident happened near the Courts roundabout in Port Moresby.
It is believed that the driver was shot dead and his accomplice surrendered to police.
One of the suspects was apprehended by the police and taken away to Port Moresby General Hospital after he was allegedly shot in the leg.
Staff at Port Moresby General Hospital confirmed the death of the victim but did not see or treat the wounded suspect.
The wounded suspect was not found at the hospital or a police station that night and was believed that the police took him somewhere for questioning.
In the early hours of yesterday, he was taken to Gordons police station for questioning.
A police officer at Gordons Police Station who requested anonymity, said investigation was still on going and other suspects involved would be arrested soon.
He said an unconfirmed number of suspects were still at large and appealed to the public to provide information to the police.