Carbon trade project ready to kick off

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THE Piasigit Ozone Carbon and Environmental Sustainability project  in Morobe province, one of the Government’s pilot carbon trade project, has completed an official submission for registration in the carbon trade.
The project is a comprehensive rural development initiative that centres on environmental sustainability and would be facilitated under the Reducing Emissions through Deforestation and Degradation programme (REDD) set by the United Nations.
The project was initiated in by the Yandu clan of Lalang village, Hube in Finschhafen, which owns 300,000ha of forests in the Cromwell Range.
Last Friday, Morobe Governor Luther Wenge  signed an endorsement letter to complete one of the final components of the project submission at Crane Street and Cassowary Road.
The occasion was witnessed by project committees and their families.
Chairman of the project, Stanley Yayawonga , said the project initiated with consultation from the National Forest Institute and the Office of Climate Change and Environment Sustainability.
Mr Yayawonga said their carbon project business plan submission, after registration would ensure that they participated fully in the development of the project with intended developers.
At the moment, the Government’s policies on carbon trading were being drafted to be enacted.
He said while the objective was to address climate change and environmental sustainability, it would also be a medium for economic and infrastructural development in Hube LLG.
Facilitator and consultant of the project Douglas David said the main purpose of the project (association) was to promote, enhance the customary land mobilisation into sustainable economic developmental model for rural areas.
Mr David said the association would also represent resource owners in negotiating and establishing memorandum of understanding (MoA) on terms and conditions of benefits that derives from the programme development.