Careers body takes training to next level

Youth & Careers

Papua New Guinea Career Development Inc has taken its training to the next level by providing video seminars via an online platform.
The organisation runs career development and employment enhancement programmes for professionals, youth and those seeking employment.
President John Kamasua said this was because of a marked increase in clients and requests for after-hours training.
He has arranged for in-house video shooting to be done by his media team.
All workshop training modules would be recorded and short video clips produced.
The video sizes will be 30 seconds up to three minutes maximum.
These could easily be uploaded onto its Facebook and LinkedIn platforms. The videos will also be uploaded to YouTube.
Kamasua said this was to help clients out in the provinces as well as professionals who can’t attend workshops because of their work.
He said the organisation also planned to provide an online quiz for secondary and high school students.
The intiative of the organisation was to help develop people’s career and strengthen them with knowledge.

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