Careless driving proves costly in Goroka

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Story and pictures by BRIAN LOMUTOPA

CARELESS driving resulted in a man crashing his expensive vehicle into the back of another vehicle in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province, over the weekend.
The accident happened at around 8pm just near the Goroka airport, at the junction of the road leading towards the main hospital.
A Toyota Surf, owned by Goldbell Construction of Goroka, was slowing down to turn left when hit suddenly
from the rear by another Toyota Hilux (fifth element) which was travelling at a high speed.
Witnesses at the scene claimed to have seen cans of beer in the Toyota Hilux.
They said it appeared that the driver did not notice that there was a vehicle ahead “and ran straight into it”.
“Upon realising a vehicle ahead he tried to break but was too late,” a witness said.
“Almost the whole front half of the Toyota Hilux was smashed like a tin can, while the other had its back bent inward with all rear lights smashed.”
Three expatriates, one of whom was the owner of Goldbell Constructions, was on board the Surf.
They were shocked and expressed fear that a careless driver could have cost them their lives. 
Fortunately, there were no casualties on both vehicles, however, the driver and the crew of the Toyota Hilux were taken to the police station for questioning.