Caretaker govt has limited powers


WE have a very unique constitution which allows for Government to continue performing all its “executive functions” even while parliament is dissolved and new writs have been issued for a new parliamentary election.
Everybody goes home except the prime minister and his ministers.
At the return of the writs signifying the end of a parliamentary term, all enabling powers vested in elected representatives to that term of parliament are made redundant and each person ceases to be an MP.
For the purpose of continuity, a caretaker government with limited powers and authority confined to specific roles should be allowed to run the country.
All major executive functions be withdrawn for the duration of the election and restored at the return of the writs and the formation of a new government.
This is a constitutional oversight and immediate amendments to the Constitution is necessary to strengthen governance to avoid abuse.
It is an oversight not many seem to realise as being an opening through which unchecked abuse of power and authority can be allowed to pass and become a sore point of contention for any new incoming government.
Our laws should allow for a caretaker government limited to manning the office of PM and all ministerial functions with all major appointments and deals and agreements with other countries put on ice.
The Constitution must be overhauled to address this oversight.
Recent executive decisions made by government to senior positions and signing of agreements with other countries while we are going to the elections can be classified as improper and may even be viewed as being politically self-serving.

Francis Talu

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