Caring only for own family

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IT IS irritating to see and read about ethnic clashes at the heart of our big towns and cities.
Regionalism, prejudice and tribal discrimination are really degrading Papua New Guinea’s progress in many aspects.
That is why we see and hear a lot about bung pait, family business, family department, family office, family car, and as on.
It has all to do with whom you know.
Like many living things in its natural world, we take care of our own.
But are we not the most intelligent species on earth?
Why can’t we just use our reasoning power other living things don’t have?
It is a shame if a simple ant with less brain power can discard neatly all the contents of a fungus-affected mate far from the colony, while we human beings still fight for those who are affecting our community.
Why can’t we just hand those affected to justice and save our life and community.
And, please, justice must be done with honesty and respect for humanity.