Caritas leads the pack in race to be best

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CARITAS Technical School has gone well ahead of other education training policy and schools, director of the National Training Council Kinsella Geoffrey says.
Geoffrey told students and parents during the school’s open house and technical day celebrations on Sunday in Port Moresby that they had made changes in the national training policy by including a section for identification and preservation of culture and what students showed now was that they had gone five times ahead of other schools.
He said students were ready and had knowledge and skills which not every school was offering.
Geoffrey said not everyone had the skills in sewing, cooking, knitting, hair-dressing and make-up, weaving and singing.
Various displays were showed from fruit-carving, cake decoration, napkin folding, weaving, tailoring and debating to makeup and hair design.
“School is progressing because they see what is happening around them and teach students according to the business market demand like traditional knowledge in weaving and knitting,” Geoffrey said.
Caritas Technical Secondary School director Sr Mazzarello Choi said it was a day to recognise students, about what the school had on offer apart from normal academic learning and how they could prepare themselves for the future.
Students were told that jobs were difficult to get and most university and technical graduates were looking for employment, so it was important to have skills.

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