Carjacking leads to death

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TWO men from Central allegedly involved in a failed carjacking that led to the murder of Jenny Otto, from the Highlands, on Saturday morning along the Baruni Road in Port Moresby, were arrested by police at 6-Mile yesterday.
National Capital District Met Supt Perou N’dranou said suspected carjacker, Camilo Andrew, 23, was allegedly gunned down by a motorist at Baruni on Saturday morning at around 3am, causing a retaliation that led to Otto’s murder about three hours later.
Reports from police at the murder scene revealed that Andrew’s body was dragged by four men to his home and they told his relatives that he was shot by Otto’s relatives.
Supt N’dranou said Andrew’s relatives allegedly retaliated and slashed Otto to death.
People from Andrew’s village were asked by police to surrender all the suspects involved in the attempted carjacking and Otto’s murder.
On Sunday morning, Otto’s relatives retaliated and attacked the two Central men; one was shot on his left thigh and the other’s right arm was slashed.
“I am appealing to both sides to refrain from attacking each other while police investigations continue,” Supt N’dranou said.
The late Otto’s son Huua said they had to move his mother’s haus krai from their home to another location because they feared attack at any time. “I do not understand why they attacked my innocent mother and killed her like that,” he said.
Huua also claimed that Andrew was killed by a motorist who was trying to escape from a possible carjacking.
“I have been good to them and have helped them ever since I moved in here,” Huua said. “The young man (Andrew) was killed by a motorist and not by one of us.”
Huua appealed to them not to attack his family.


  • Such behaviour should not be tolerated. and it happened right in the city, baruni is within city limits. POlice and relevant authorities to monitor such areas closely. If they are illegal settlers on state land or traditional land then appropriate action much be taken. Such crime will not stop because of settlements popping up everywhere..

  • Goilala of Central people who are not active Christians live in settlements including Baruni dam and anywhere in POM have attitude problem. Their IQ are very low like few of our Taris of Highlands.

    No matter how you serve them, providing shelter, food, money and show mercies deeds, they will turn kill you for very minor thing. Why not some ethic group of people or individual for that matter would appreciate those who show love and care and in turn you reward them with taking their live.

    Therefore, let them suffer and eat from their own sweet and other necessities for their survival.

  • i support you Observer for the comments you have addressed above. we need give some hard punishment to these people with attitude problems. they are not deserve to live in the heart of the CITY like Pom, Lae or not even in MT Hagen. Only these people are producing bad image to our Beautiful Country. Government to settle this people else where or send them back to their home provinces.

  • To Mr/Ms “An Observer and Friend” Low IQ is probably people of your caliber that generalize people of various ethnicity’s like that. If a crime is committed by a person, let the person be dealt with by law. It is not the ethnicity that is doing it but the person so, he/she should be penalized and pay the price according to the seriousness of the crime committed.

    Such ignorant insight if carelessly spitted out in front of your children will only educate them to see EVERY PEOPLE from those specific region/ethnicity as the dark forces hence instills unjustified fear that they will be growing up with hence disrupting their normal lives.

  • Whoever you are, please refrain from generalising and mentioning Taris or any other ethnicity for this matter. This type of generalisation creates disunity and provokes civil unrests.

  • Is Baruni dumpsite within NCD and is it part of State land? If it is, for how long can we allow these animals to live off the dumpsite and terrorize unsuspecting motorists or even people who want to take a shortcut between Gerehu (and surrounding areas) and Ganudi, Baruni Village, Tatana and others in that area? Goilalas living off the dumpsite ever since colonial days must stop because they are bringing shame to us Papua New Guineans since visiting foreigners think all of us are lazy like them and live off other people’s waste!

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