Carterets story on DVD

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A VIDEO documentary on the plight of the first world’s climate change and environment refugees of the Carteret Islands in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville will be shown in Copenhagen, Denmark, by the Papua New Guinea delegation to the climate talks.
The 30-minute DVD documentary, showing the impact of global warming and sea-level rise that had displaced about 2,000 islanders, will be shown at the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change this week.
The documentary produced by Kundu 2 television services of the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), features flooding of sea waters into the villages, eroding of sea walls and sinking of smaller atolls due to sea-levels rising and global warming.
NBC managing director Joseph Ealadona presented a copy to the Office of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability last week.
He said he was pleased to have the documentary completed and ready for Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to take to Copenhagen for viewing.
“Although it may be short and simple, the images in the DVD are important and will
speak for the displacement of the islanders due to the adverse impact of climate change,” Mr Ealadona said.
Early this year, the islanders were declared the first climate change refugees by the UN.
While half of the islanders voluntarily vacated the atolls to settle on the mainland of Bougainville, at Tinputz, some had refused to leave the atolls.