Case against PM goes back to Justice Davani

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The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 COURT proceedings filed by Opposition leader Belden Namah challenging the suspension of four police officers will go before Justice Catherine Davani after another judge declined to hear the case. 

Justice Bernard Sakora, who heard the matter yesterday, said it should return to where it originated.  

“There appears to be a dumping of files in this court,” Sakora said. 

Lawyer Tiffany Twivey, representing defendant Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, informed the court that the matter was listed before Sakora for mention and a trial date. 

Sakora declined to hear the matter and directed that it be referred to Justice Davani

The interim consent orders of Jan 20 ordering police to lay off arresting O’Neill, Treasurer Don Polye and Finance Minister James Marape was extended until the next hearing before Justice Davani. 

Namah went to court challenging the suspension of four police officers involved in the investigation of O’Neill, Marape, and Polye over the pay out of government funds to Paul Paraka Lawyers.

The matter involving the challenging of Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga’s decision to suspend the four police officers is yet to be heard. 

Namah, Snr Const Robert Ewail and others are plaintiffs in the court proceedings. Kulunga is named as the first defendant in the matter.