Case of ghost writers

Letters, Normal

The National,Wednesday18 January 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to Sam Koim and the Task Force Sweep Team for their tireless work.
We are already tired of hearing the word corruption, so weed it out!
Sir, one more task.
A group of simple secondary school teachers of Chimbu has embarked on an English textbook project for Grade 9 and have successfully published it in 2008.
And the book has fetched a bountiful K2.4 million from AusAID sometime in 2010.
However, the chairlady Matilda Dimo Wei, principal education adviser Walkaima Essy and some very senior members of the Chimbu provincial management team (PMT) should account for this money because they have paid a pitiful K3,000 each to a total of 13 teacher-writers of this book.
Please investigate if misappropriation is involved and bring to light what had happened to the rest of the money for the sake of the small teacher-writers and the other stakeholders of the project.
Once again, well done so far and happy belated New Year to you and your team!