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THE Supreme Court has allowed Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch to proceed with a court reference questioning the election of James Marape as prime minister.
A three-man bench consisting of Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, Justice Ellenas Batari and Justice Oagile Bethuel Dingake granted an application filed by Pruaitch’s lawyers Greg Sheppard and Philip Tabuchi of Young and Williams Lawyers regarding his standing.
The judges ruled that Pruaitch as the opposition leader had standing and sufficient interest in pursuing the issue in court to determine whether Marape’s election in Parliament on May 30 was legal.
Sheppard submitted that Pruaitch had standing because it was a legitimate role of the opposition leader to hold government accountable.
“By virtue of the office he holds and the functions of that office, he is entitled to raise significant Constitutional issues,” Sheppard said.
He said Pruaitch had satisfied every prerequisite to file the reference under Section 18(1) of the Constitution as he was the Opposition Leader and a citizen with a genuine concern on the issue.
He argued that Pruaitch was not a busy body meddling around with other people’s business but had sought to raise important constitutional issues.
He was responding to Nemo Yalo, representing Justice Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven, who told the court that Pruaitch did not have any standing because he had nominated former prime minister Peter O’Neill to hold the position again.
And when O’Neill did not accept the nomination, Yalo said Pruaitch joined others in electing Marape “which is not genuine”.
Yalo submitted that Pruaitch was a “busy body” and his application was not about keeping the executive arm of the government accountable, nor to correct Speaker Job Pomat.
Meanwhile, the same court granted an application by Speaker Pomat to become an intervener in the proceedings.
It however dismissed a similar application by Parliament acting clerk Kala Aufa.
The judges ruled that the role of the clerk was to advise the Speaker and it was unnecessary for the clerk to become a party of its own in the proceedings. The substantive matter will be heard on Sept 20.


  • This is waste of time. Not even single MPs voted PM JM, all the majority of the MP voted JM. What’s the point of trying pursue in court? Time is limited so let PM JM rule this nations. Patrick should have sued O’Neill for his corruptions for previous years and why you want to do this with Marape? Waste of time!!!

  • Its unnecessary and waste of time. The leader should be doing something better than wasting his time. Everyone in this country has longed for a change of previous PM and it was done and done well. Everyone now admires the current PM and waiting eagerly to see him putting his plans into action. No one wants to hear any nonsense issues as such. The leader has to better withdraw the case urgently.

    • The opposition should sue Peter onil for all the things been talked. If he wants some changes in the country. Should talk about big things.
      He is power hungry

  • waste of time, let PM Marape to expose his plans and vision having for this beautiful nation for better development and wait if he fails to deliver. Then you may go ahead and do whatever you want to do.

  • Ling has been vocal on the finances of the nation and now he has the opportunity to prove his talks.

  • Enough of arguments and conflicts. Can pruaitch think of doing some thing else. Let PM be left alone to prove himself that he cannot be like O’Neil.

  • Pruaitch and O’Neil have something common to hide from being exposed and prosecuted. I suspect the UBS Loan under probe could be binding them together. They only hope the courts would disqualified the election of PM JM so they stay in power and hide their wrong doings. It is time all corrupt practises must be exposed. Finally, PNG is behind PM JM.

  • At the moment the PM is trying to find ways to manage the struggling economy. It’s just waste time going to the courts only to find out that he is still PM.
    Stop the nuisance already.

  • Dear Mr. Pruaitch you are a confused human being or rubber stamp.
    It shows that you are played by PO to distablise the Marape Devise Government. Sorry try again.

  • Mr.Pruaitch case is totally coming out of self-interest. Country is done with the political issues and we are proud to have PM JM on-board and looking forward to maximize the limited time.. please put all the rubbish away and let’s work together for better future.

  • Is opposition trying to hide some thing that might have been committed before … Resent PM MARAPE elect was well and truly deserve by all nation prayers … Don’t waist time fitting for PMs post .. let’s work together and bring back what’s best for our country.

  • Pat please exercise your right and judgement, as foolish as the poor fisherman’s wife who was not content with what was brought out from the see wanted more and ended up losing all

  • Now that the matter is set for hearing , we have no choice but to look foward to the Supreme Court Ruling. The fact is the last VONC did not go well and brought alot of confusion to our Citizens in our political history . PM Marape defection from Government to Opposition, then back to government Re_nomination of Peter Oniel , accept/withdrawl situation, and the rulings of the Speaker brought doubt and confusion to our Nation political history and our Citizens. Although we support PM JM who put in place some good policies to change the direction of our Nation, it is also proper for the Supreme court reference to clear the doubts of our Citizens and to go down in our Political history for future generations.

  • Pruaitch nominated the former PM Peter Oneil to be the PM again which he had lobbied to get him out. Most pngeans are now thinking whose interests he is trying to serve. He need to wait and lobby very to be the PM in 2022. We pngeans are not stupid to know who he is. James Marape is the best PM png had ever produced the way he is managing the economy at the moment.

  • its not waste of time but rather waste of tax payers money! for once let someone try his new ideas, its seems like the new Gov has gained the favor of the nation with gathering the best people/resources he can to bring this country back, we PNGns don’t deserve this unnecessary court cases, we want our country to be brought back to its glory days, past Govs tried and still unsuccessful, why can’t a young leader try?? he’s got the best in his team and we are looking forward to better days, you leaders must hear the cries of the people instead of serving your own interests.

  • We are happy that this PM JM stood up to change the corrupt O’Neil government. Why not make a survey and find out if the whole country is happy about the current PM JM … me less lo toktok wokim survey na find out for yourself.

  • Whilst I embrace the new leadership of JM, however, I am also of the view that the Court Reference in itself is not about proofing PM JM wrong or proofing the Opposition Leader PP right but most significantly it is about legally contesting the relevant laws in relation to the VONC in a proper and appropriate manner by the highest court so that whatever decision that transpires as the final outcome will ultimately maintain the supremacy of the Constitution itself as the fabric of this sovereign society and subsequently set precedent as a case law for future references

  • Our prayers had been answered and we know evil is a good looser. We trust our Heavenly Father will make the final decision as it is now we won’t do much but prayer for the right out come , God judges people from inside and people judge from appearance.

  • Why now??? when something good is planned for the country.
    We are hoping for the better with our new PM’s vision.
    Old habits die hard…Tax payers money wasted for unnecessary court cases.

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