Cases of arson force school to stop classes


By Glenda Awikiak
MORE than 500 students of the Ningerum High School in Western have been sent home to allow police to investigate arson cases which had been affecting the school operation, according to the principal.
Principal Galbert Anep said the arson cases were affecting the students.
The school may resume classes for term four on Sept 24, but that decision will be made by the provincial education board.
“It is a sad time for the school as we are coming towards the end of the school year and assessments are coming to their peak time. Students will be affected,” Anep said.
“The school has more than 200 in grade 10 who are ready for their annual exam.
“The arson and suspension would affect their concentration.” Problems began in 2015 when nine male students’ dormitories were burnt down.
In 2017, an attempted arson case to one of its classrooms was averted. A week later, another boys’ dormitory was burnt down.
This year, a school laboratory was targeted.
A month later an administration office was burnt down.
The most recent case was last month when someone tried to burn down the deputy principal’s home.
Anep said investigations had been conducted by the provincial education authorities and police but the reports were yet to be made known. “They must have been shelved” he said.
District Education Superintendent Zigu Piak said some students were afraid to return to classes.

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