Cash flow problems


THE country is going through serious cash flow problems that need to be admitted and corrected.
Symptoms are very clear in the likes of public servants salaries delays and not up to date with respective unions salary fixation agreements, inadequate supplies of medical drugs to public hospitals and health centres are among the list.
Everybody in this country need to think seriously about the way this beautiful country is going.
It is unlike the past, things were done within the country’s affordability and earnings.
This time, it is a different story.
Things are out of proportion with a lot of anticipations that have been not always fruitful in most cases for this country given the situation that we are now in, so the country is likely to face doom ahead of us if we are not quick enough to rescue this nation from the direction it is currently taking.
Our parliamentarians must think bit critical as we are all in an unfortunate situation now, given the general views and experiences that we are now going through.
Everyone is feeling the pins of our own decisions that we have made over time.
The parliamentarians are our own mouthpiece because we have made the decision of having them elected to the parliament so the outcome of whatever decisions that they have made for this country either to doom or prosperity; we are part-and-parcel to it.
And, therefore, everybody must be thinking on how to recorrect the course this country is taking and have it put back on track.
It is understood by all citizens of having felt and experienced that things are not normal as before and therefore concerns, frustrations and grievances have been expressed to see a change this time.
It is time the government go back to see where the problems are and start working on them how best to restore normalcy.
The problem is already here so we need to go back and take another look how to work on them to recourse this country. If it is to do with the laws of this country, go back, revise and amend where necessary to see a change in the country.
If it is to do with ill-decisions that have made partly contributing to these over time cash flow problems this country is facing, then revisit those areas and see how this country will be rescued from further disaster.

Admit, correct, and move on, Via email

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