Catholic bishops host media education seminar for students


THE Catholic Bishops Conference Social Communication Commission (CBC SOCOM) hosted its first media education seminar for Catholic students on Saturday in Port Moresby.
The seminar highlighted the importance of caring for the environment based on the theme “Keep it Clean, Go Green” and had sessions that focused on the 54th World Communication Day (WCD) message from Pope Francis as well as logos, posters and photographs.
Guest speaker and environmentalist Carol Aigilo spoke about her work and encouraged the students to be agents of change on the care of the environment.
“At your age, you have the power and the potential to influence and speak about many issues,” she said.
CBC SOCOM secretary Fr Ambrose Pereira facilitated the logos and the WCD message of Pope Francis session following Aigilo’s speech.
“Life becomes history, is the theme of this year’s World Communication Day which falls on May 24. As young people, you are encouraged to weave stories that are inspiring and positive, that you may tell your children and grandchildren,” he said.
De La Salle Secondary School student Clement Sobaim said the media education seminar had encouraged them to use the media positively.
“We are committed to plant fruit trees around our school and we will share the important things that we have learnt by doing social media awareness at our schools,” he said. The programme had prayer moments, interactive sessions, energisers and discussions.
The nine participating schools were: Don Bosco Technical, Limana Vocational Centre, Caritas Technical Secondary, De La Salle, Marianville Secondary, Don Bosco Technological Institute, St Charles Lwanga Secondary, La Salle Technical and Jubilee Catholic Secondary.
The next media education seminar will be held on March 28, and will dwell on writing news articles.