Catholic priest to teachers: Make country a better place


TEACHERS have been urged to help make the country “a better place”.
Fr Gregorio Bicomong Jnr, the provincial superior of the Catholic church in PNG, made the comment during his homily at the closing mass for the Don Bosco Education System educators’ congress last Saturday in Port Moresby.
“You (teachers) are called to make Papua New Guinea a better place through the work you do for the young,” Fr Bicomong said.
He shared with the congregation the struggle of Jesus to make himself understood.
“Jesus was the greatest teacher of all time, yet he too was misunderstood even by his own disciples who were also afraid to ask him questions,” he said.
“Some students too do not understand and are afraid to ask questions.”
Fr Bicomong said for a young person to learn a new skill, he must first master the first one.
“The disciples wanted to experience the glory before the pain and suffering, but we must first learn the mystery of the cross before we learn the mystery of the resurrection.”
Lydia Tenakanai, an instructor at the school said the sessions were informative and reminded her to adjust herself as a Salesian educator.
Caritas Technical Secondary School’s Mary Zeming said it was wonderful to have the educators come together to get to know each other and be reminded of the Salesian education system.