Cattle farming plans


Cattle farming plans … Livestock redevelopment will start in Gulf with cattle farming also being re-established in Kikori. It is the provincial division of primary industry’s (DPI) aim to develop cattle farming. There were cattle projects throughout Gulf during post-independence but the livestock population, both breeding stock and those for consumption, were not adequately maintained. The revival of the livestock sector began with the Iokea piggery project, Sepoe cattle project, sheep and goats and duck at Murua DPI station and cattle to Akapiru Ihu project. In 2019, the Gulf DPI placed orders for these livestock, but it was a costly exercise as the Department of Agriculture and Livestock and its subsidiaries could not assist with any breeding stock in Southern or from its stations. In discussions with Morobe DPI and DAL Mamose, 11 cows were sourced from Lae. On June 29, the cows arrived by ship and are now in quarantine in Port Moresby before heading to Akapiru Ihu in Kikori. Meanwhile, plans are also underway to have breeding stock established in Kerema at Taure Lakekamu and Sepoe and Murua.