Cattle transport difficulty


CATTLE farmers in Sialum, Morobe, have gone through a lot trying to sell stock after the abattoir at Sialum broke down during the early 90s, an official says.
Department of Agriculture and Livestock programme manager and rural development officer Mung Mutatie based in Tewai-Siassi, said when the abattoir closed, they faced difficulties in selling their livestock.
“The abattoir closed down because the operational cost was too high and gradually run down,” he said.
“To set up an abattoir again, we need a continuous power supply, good transport infrastructure such as roads and ports, communication and banking facilities.”
Mutatie said most farmers had land.
“We can go beyond a million kina annually if we are supported fully,” he said.
“We are glad that the run-down cattle farms will be up again.”
Sialum Bulmakau’s Farmer’s Association president Kapam Mutatie said taking cattle to the abattoir was difficult.
“Doing maintenance and looking after fencing is also a hardship we face,” Mutatie said.
“There’s no support from the Government since our forefathers started looking after cattle 70 years ago.”

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