Causes of depression

Health Watch, Normal

WHAT causes “clinical depression” or emotional disorder?
There are many factors:

1) Genetic – If you have a family history of depression, alcoholism and mood-related problems.

2) Psychological and social factors such as life events, loss of loved ones, mothers after childbirth, old age, lack of confiding relationship, unemployment, marital problems, stress, chronic medical illnesses and alcohol among others.

3) Neuro-chemical imbalance.

These things can lead one to wonder what sort of clinical features you may find in the people.
Otherwise, how do we know that somebody is suffering from depressive illness?
These are a number of them:
* Low or sad mood.
*Alteration in sleep pattern.
* Alteration in food intake.
* Worthless and hopeless feelings.
* Lack of interest in sexual function.
* Lack of motivation.
* Anxiety, feeling nervousness.
* Negative though about the self, world and future.
* Feeling of guilt.
* Unable to concentrate.
* Hallucination.
* Suicidal thought.

What can be done about this condition?
Even though there are solutions, the majority of people fail to get treatment.
A reluctance to speak about this, poorly-trained medical personnel can contribute to the undetected and early diagnosis.
The good news is that there are now clear guidelines to treat these illnesses.
There are anti-depressants, medication, psychological treatment and social support.
Depression is curable if undetected or under-treated could result in disability of suicide.