CBL attracts juniors

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The National , Wednesday, June 1, 2011

THE turnout by junior boys and girls from the Saints and NGCB X-Diwai clubs participating in the Capital Basketball League competition at the Hohola Basketball Courts last weekend should give some indication as to where the sport is heading.
With the focus on junior development, children as young as 10 years old turned up at the courts to learn skills and show their talents in some entertaining and enterprising performances in front of their parents, guardians, fans, officials and older players.  
In the U12 mix division, X-Diwai proved their worth against Saints downing their opponents 13-8 but could not continue their dominance in their other categories.
In the U14 boys division, Saints smashed X-Diwai 38-19 while in the U20 boys and U20 girls categories, they belted them 34-19 and 26-11 respectively.