Celebrate Mother’s Day at Tumbuna Market

Micro business hub invites mothers from Central and NCD to join in the education and fun event
Angelica Molok is one of the HDI students and vendors at the Tumbuna Market. She specialises in Tolai (East New Britain) food.

THE Human Development Institute (HDI) is opening its one-stop shop Tumbuna Market coinciding with the 2022 Mother’s Day celebrations on May 8, 2022.
Tumbuna Market is the HDI-TST MSME Incubation Centre, a retail campus available for HDI praxis (trainees) to conduct their trading activities which is a component of the HDI PVBS training programme.
The opening of Tumbuna Market on Mother’s Day is also in recognition and appreciation of all mothers in the informal sector striving to meet financial needs of the family through many challenges.
HDI Praxis aim to share this opportunity with all mothers within the National Capital District and Central Province to sell their goods at the Tumbuna Market with the assistance of HDI praxis.
Tumbuna Pasin describes the cultural way of life evident in rural communities in Papua New Guinea in the past, where entire clans or villages work together to accomplish important tasks. These tasks include defending their villages during tribal warfare, clearing land for gardening or for construction of new houses, etcetera.
They lived in this manner for various reasons such as survival; if they worked together they would be stronger and ensure women and children were cared for and protected. In addition, practising Tumbuna Pasin enabled the village to prosper through shared resources.
Tumbuna Market intends to promote the practical application of Tumbuna Pasin to foster an atmosphere of sharing, caring and supporting the community in entrepreneurship. Tumbuna Market activities foster Tumbuna Pasin to sustain growth in all businesses as opposed to competing with one another over scarce resources. These will be reflected in many ways, for instance how the trading activities are regulated and sold through networking.
“On this Mother’s Day the students of HDI, wish to reflect and bring back our Tumbuna Pasin of taking care of our mothers to show how much all our mothers mean to us. Words will never be enough to show our appreciation of the unconditional love of a mother,” according to a statement from the institute.
“In this modern technological world of 2022, we are slowly but surely disconnecting with traditional family values, where our mothers are no longer being cherished and cared for as they deserve. It is time we give our mothers their rightful place in society, as the glue that keeps us all connected despite the many challenges that we face in life.
“Our mothers truly showcase the real definition of “never give up” because of this natural undying love that God has bestowed upon them since the beginning of time. A mother’s undying love is timeless and limitless and it goes beyond one’s imagination.
“Remember how our forefathers fought and protected our mothers and children then it only makes you realize how special and important our mothers are in maintaining love in a home, a village, a clan, a tribe, a province and a country as a whole.”

Schola Kera sells sago packs and fresh garden produce at the incubation centre.

The HDI praxis invite mothers in NCD and Central to join in this special Mother’s Day celebration.
“We expect 1000 Mothers in NCD & Central Province to come celebrate Mother’s Day with HDI students in recognition of their selfless contribution to family, community and nation.
The TST-HDI MSME Incubation Centre is the first of three (3) incubation centres, namely, Demand Campus, Supply Campus and Creative Campus
HDI has developed a unique, PNG home-grown, innovative, action-learning, performance-based, business-class education system over 26 years, since 1995. Main features include:
a)No entry level – everyone is eligible whatever your age, religion, educated or not, rich or poor.
b)Holistic Human Development – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional & financial well-being
c)Entrepreneur Development – micro & commercial entrepreneurs
d)Business Development – Micro SME enterprises & Commercial SML enterprises
e)Economic Development – Commercial & Industrial Industries
f)Professional (not Academic) Degree from Global University of Lifelong Learning (GULL), California, USA
The TST-HDI MSME Incubation Centre is for HDI students only. Entry – Those who have completed HDI Personal Viability Business Scheme (PVBS) Levels 1 and 2.
Alumni of HDI have, as a social obligation, taken the initiative to invite all public and private institutions to consider sponsoring their employees’ families to attend HDI PV Home School to help alleviate poverty. This will help staff focus on work when the family have many streams of income instead on being dependent on the wage earner to provide family needs. This initiative may well be the best Mother’s Day gift. HDI will also be giving away 1,000 Mother’s Day gift bags on the day.
The Tumbuna Market is aimed at promoting PNG goods and services. In future there will be annual provincial festivals featuring food, billum ware, singsings, art and craft.
The incubation will be a clean, friendly and family-oriented market promoting PNG and showcasing the traditional PNG way.
Rapid Response security company is providing 24-hour security and there are storage facilities for all vendors.
to provide 24/7 security.
The PV Home School will provide coaching in family upbringing, character and competence, financial competence, self-reliance and financial independence to mitigate law and order problems, poverty and anti-social behaviour.
The HDI Loving Service to the Needy programme will cater for victims and perpetrators of gender-based violence, ex-prisoners, the poor and marginalised, refugees, homeless and others in need.
Among the vendors and suppliers at the Tumbuna Market is Angelica Molok. Angelica, a Tolai enjoys doing what she knows best – cooking and serving the traditional Tolai aigir. The market is arranged in such to eliminate competition but only to promote products and services provided by the occupants. So for aigir, there’s only one place to go to – Angelica’s!
“I sell aigir and mumu with the help of my family. Her husand, also promotes her lunch packs at his work place to his colleagues who order directly from Angelica. She makes 20 packs on average and sells them for K12 each.
With the training she has already acquired from HDI, she is quite confident of growing here small enterprise.
“I was able to make K1,000 in seven days with only K10 so that’s the kind of training that is pushing me to succeed in business.”
Meanwhile, Sepik lady Schola Kera who is married to a Morobe man, sells sago dishes and fresh garden produce at the Tumbuna Market.
Schola is a very hard working mother of grown children who has had to battle against difficult circumstances to provide for her family. The HDI training has helped her how to raise money and use it in the best way possible to not only provide for her family but ensure that she sustains her small business.
“My dream is to leave a legacy for my sons. I want to buy a home for them,” Schola says.
“This is the way to take back PNG,” she says, referring to the training and pathways provided by HDI.
The Tumbuna Market concept was an invitative of trainees of the HDI who believe that business can be done successfully through the traditional PNG communal spirit.
Florence Saia, who had walked out of her middle management job at a manufacturing company and joined HDI, has teamed up with others to start a team of like-minded people.
Through this team and successful networking, the concenpt of Tumbuna Market was birthed.
“PV has created a conducive environment for us to help each other. It is in us to help each other. Why can’t we use that to grow in business?”
With the business know how from HDI, the Tumbuna Pasin business model can become a success, says Saia.