Census to start soon

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Story and picture by ALISON ANIS

THE 2010 National Housing and Population Census for the Central province is likely to be conducted early next month following the successful launch of the provincial steering committee on Tuesday.
Central province became the first province in the country to launch its nine-member committee at the National Statistics Office (NSO) in Waigani by the acting National Statistician Joseph Aka.
Deputy administrator and committee chairman Manase Rapala said: “We will be responsible for briefing the district managers and LLG councillors from each area in the province on their role during the census to ensure a successful implementation of the survey before July 11.”
Provincial census coordinator Edward Kila said the committee was ready for the first task on Tuesday to train district managers and LLG leaders on what was expected of them and their role at the community level.
“The training will be held at the provincial administration office and community leaders are expected to return and mobilise people and get them to prepare for the population and housing count,” he said, adding that counting would begin next month if preparations went smoothly.
He said more than 100 officials would be needed to take stock of the population and housing survey.
“We have yet to finalise everything, including travel costs and logistics,” he said.
The provincial team will be working closely with NSO and provide regular briefings on the status of their work.
A total of K107 million has been allocated by the government for the 2010 survey, as announced by Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu last month.
Mr Aka said a portion of the budget would be given to each province, depending on spending proposals.