Central admin aids education

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THE Central provincial administration is now putting more emphasis on improving learning for students in the province and to lift the standard of education.
It is in this drive that the provincial education adviser Titus Romano Hatagen delivered a 20-foot outboard motor and a dinghy to Abau district education division last Friday at he Kupiano district in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu.
Mr Hatagen said the provincial administration, through the education division, was putting more emphasis on improving the education sector while the provincial government’s drive was to equip the human resource sector in the province.
“Since Abau district is a maritime district, the dinghy will better help the teachers and inspectors from the National Education Department and provincial education division to better carry out their duties,” Mr Hatagen said.
He commended Central provincial administrator Rapheal Yibmaramba and Governor Alphonse Moroi for making available funding for the education sector to purchase a dinghy and the out board motor.
This will help the inspectors and officers to properly inspect the schools in remote Amazon Bay local level government and other coastal schools in Aroma.
Mr Hatagen also stated that early this year, the provincial administration bought a brand new vehicle for the education sector in the province and with the purchase of the dinghy, it will effectively assist education
officers to deliver services to the people in the
remote parts.
“The Central provincial government is now focused on service delivery and what the administration is currently doing is the implementation of all the strategies and plans set up by the provincial government,” he said.
Mr Hatagen also revealed that he was planning to purchase another dinghy for Kairuku Hiri District for teachers and inspectors to visit the schools along the Angabanga River and Yule Island areas.
Abau district education Supt  Kila Bagi commended the provincial administration for the overwhelming approach they were taking to improve the education sector.
He assured the provincial education advisers of their commitment to carry out their duties in the district effectively with the donation of the dinghy and the outboard motor.