Central admin aims to go rural

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THE Central Provincial Administration aims to go rural this year.
“Going Rural” is this year’s theme for the administration and is aimed at making service delivery more efficient to the people living in rural areas in Port Moresby.
Provincial administrator Raphael Yipmaramba met with all the departmental heads to discuss four main concerns in most rural areas of health, education, infrastructure and agriculture.
In the education sector, there is concern that performance has dropped last year compared to other years, and their aim is to restore it in the top five in the country.
Last year, Central province performance rate was very low compared to previous years and CPA took it on board to help raise the bar up with the implementation of the school learning improvement plan (SLIP) in the schools in Central province.
Mr Yipmaramba said there would be more participation from CPA officials with the locals with most visits to schools.
In health, Mr Yipmaramba said that all clinics must be functional, while in agriculture CPA officials would be assisting local people run their cash crop products and the Rigo villages would be the first groups they want to assist in their sago planting.
He said that they had seen the potential of coffee growing in the Goilala district and have suggested that it be included in their syllabus.
Plans are underway to train teachers in the district on the coffee syllabus in the education system.