Central assembly chamber gets facelift

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THE Central provincial assembly chamber received a facelift in the form of extension and renovation through financial assistance from the AusAID and the provincial government.
The renovation has seen the instalment of air-conditioning which was a major relief to staff who had been working under the warm climatic condition in the aging building.
According to the provincial administrator, Raphael Yibmaramba, the chamber had remained unchanged since it was built during the colonial era.
He said the administration headquarters in Konedobu was the main one that accommodated the functions of the central province even before National Capital District was declared as a province of its own.
AusAID representative Tom Nettleton confirmed the funding of K170,000 that was used with the additional funding of K130,000 by the provincial government in renovating the building.
With the new look, the chamber is set to be ready to accommodate meetings and other decision making regarding LNG issues that would affect Central and the renovation was commented on as “timely”.
According to staff members of the chamber, since the building was erected in the 1960s, there had never been any development and it was timely that the renovation was made.
The renovation was officially opened by the Talasea MP and deputy Parliament speaker Francis Marus earlier this month.