Central delivering results: Judge

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

Central leads when it comes to bench warrant execution, Justice Panuel Mogish says.
“Other provinces are not producing good results as Central,” he said.
The National Court issued 48 bench warrants for arrests in the province. Most of them were executed successfully.
Mogish made the comments last Friday during the first National Court sitting in Bereina this year. “We must put behind the idea that only police are responsible for executing bench warrants. The people must work together and bring justice into the community,” Mogish said.
“We need committed officers to go down to the community and engage with the local authorities to bring people on bench warrants to court. Central province delivers great results when it comes to executing bench warrants. We have our own problems but when it comes to executing bench warrants, we are in the first place. The other provinces are not delivering results.”
Six men facing various offences had been hiding from the court who voluntarily appeared in the Bereina court house last Friday.
Their bench warrants were issued 28 years ago. Mogish listed their cases for trial in September at the Bomana National Court.
Mogish said the court would face some problems executing outstanding bench warrants because some people, including the witnesses, would have passed away. He said there were about 4000 outstanding bench warrants in the country.