Central locals show support for leader

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The National, Friday 10th May 2013

 THE lack of government services has forced the people of Orman and Kama in the Rigo inland to pay nomination for a young leader from their area to contest the June local level government elections.

The led by community leaders said they could raise 10 toea each voter to pay for their candidate Robert Boio to contest the Rigo inland LLG elections as they believe in his leadership to deliver basic government services.

Boio is the coordinator of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s People National Congress party in Central.

The community leaders said that they believe in the PNC led government and wanted to elect someone from within the party for the LLG elections to work together with the member for Rigo and Minister for Transport Ano Pala who is also a PNC party member.

They said in a joint statement that since the focus of the government is in the district and the LLGs, they wanted to support Boio, a young leader to make a change by working together with Pala as head of the joint district planning and budget priority committee.

“We want to support Boio and nominate him to contest the LLG president for the benefit of our younger generation so that they have a leader who has the political connection with the government to make changes in our community.”

“As we prepare for the LLG elections, we appeal to the people of Rigo inland to vote for young and vibrant leaders who have the connection with the PNC party, the current PNC led government, the members of Parliament and with the Central provincial administration. We believe that through the connections basic government services can be delivered to the people of Rigo inland,” they said.