Central MPs urged to work with LLGs

National, Normal

The National, Monday 20th August, 2012

RIGO Inland local level government president Biari Ubuna is urging Central MPs to work together from the local level government to bring forward service delivery.
“We actually need funding from our provincial government to the local level government so we can be agents of change in our communities,” he said in Port Moresby last week.
Ubuna said the local level government alone would not be able bring services to communities and needed help from the parliamentarians.
“If the leaders are serious about developing our province then they have to work with us, the local government leaders.”
He said the local government was not workable if there was no funding from the provincial government and urged his provincial leaders to make effective the local government.
Central Governor Kila Haoda said during the swearing-in of the Central provincial assembly in Port Moresby that a “sphere of cooperation” was the way forward in bringing developments in the province.
“All leaders from the provincial and LLG must work together to bring forward developments in our province as well as in the respective electorates,” he said.
He said to see developments in the province the leaders must all be punctual and honest without fear or favour in making decisions to lead the people.